In this project buil­ding blocks, sub-systems, and full transceivers for mm-wave appli­ca­tions like commu­ni­ca­tions and radar will be developed. The focus will be in sub-systems for receive, transmit, or frequency synthesis implemented in advanced CMOS technologies.

Innovation will be in the convergence of radar and communication transceiver circuits and systems at carrier frequencies beyond 100 GHz, beyond 10GHz of bandwidth, to enable lowest latency and exceeding data-rates of 100Gbps considering large phased array systems.

In the course of this project, research on MIMO trans­ceiver for inte­grated sub-THz sensor systems with a special focus on buil­ding blocks and inte­grated circuits for MIMO trans­cei­vers above 100 GHz will be done. Furthermore, next gene­ra­tion/​alter­na­tive mmW-Sensing and -imaging concepts for alternative and situation aware modulation schemes as well as imaging concept, realiza­t­ions, and algo­rithms will be investigated.

Re­search will be focused on buil­ding blocks for sub-THz-sensing appli­ca­tions at 120, 230, 330 and 480 GHz, respec­tively, focused on RX-TX sepa­ra­tion at highest frequen­cies as well as array opti­miza­tion under the given cons­traints. Inno­vate will be on core func­tional blocks, the full sensor system, array. 

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