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In the last decade the functionality of electronic based systems (EBS) have increased rapidly and such systems have pervaded our everyday life in a disruptive way. Ubiquitous wireless connectivity, gigabit data rates, internet of things, wearables, artificial intelligence to name but a few, have become state of the art. Nevertheless, we are still at the beginning of this transition phase to a wirelessly interconnected world. The demanded increase of user convenience has vastly led to risen design complexity, shrinking components, high levels of integration, significantly increasing operating frequencies, application specific integrated circuits and corresponding software, and many different radio interfaces like Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC and 5G.

To fulfill this demand, a key prerequisite is that the various and wirelessly connected electronic based systems (EBS) work and interact properly in harsh environments. Furthermore, the EBS should not be affected by electromagnetic emission of other nearby electronic devices and should not interfere with other systems.

Ensuring this puts very high demands not just on their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), but especially also on their coexistence. The systems and the used electronic components within have therefore to be designed in a way that the overall electromagnetic compatibility is kept as high as possible. In order to reduce the number of redesigns and to be ahead of competitors, it is crucial to estimate the EMC behavior of products as early as possible during the design and development phase. The key enabler for this aim is to apply EMC aware model based design in all aspects of the development process of EBS. For example by employing comprehensive and accurate simulation models to predict the EMC behavior of electronic systems at all phases in the design process from circuit level over reprogrammable logic up to the entire EBS.


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Our vision is to completely avoid redesign loops caused by EMC problems of electronic based systems (EBS). First time right designs shall be achieved by significantly improved EMC simulation models in one simulation environment combining all abstraction levels. Due to a skillful application of model order reduction techniques at all levels of complexity a comprehensive EMC simulation of a complete electronic based system will be possible for the first time.

Our mission is that the GEMC Lab shall become a globally recognized contact point and a central hub for EMC aware design and simulation of future EBS.

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